Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why we love EVE Online

The truth is that we do not have mere love for EVE. Love is too simple a word to describe what we feel. We harbour both love and hate for EVE, in the same way we love and hate discipline. EVE challenges us and drives us to better ourselves in a world of savage competition and rivalry.

We love and hate EVE, as we love and hate passion. For what is passion without suffering. EVE is a dark and unforgiving mistress and we soon find that our love for her is very much unrequited. Yet she is most worthy and her beauty will forever haunt us.

We love and hate EVE, as we love and hate violent confrontation. The dichotomy of adrenaline and morals. That strange dance of our base nature vying for expression against the better judgement of our complacent souls.

In this gauntlet of darkness we try our resolve and test our will and ability. For we are all slaves of our own vanity and wish to see ourselves extolled. Though very few ever experience the transience of this shadowy apotheosis, it inexorably remains our mirage of destiny.

The one light in EVE, beyond all others, that shines the brightest is the fellowship we have with those we accept as friends. These good souls we meet on the wayside of our journey. When the companions are true, then the long road seems less weary and more hopeful. And in the end we find that everything else, when compared to this great fellowship, is as empty and cold as the very space we tread upon.

Veraziel Severaque